Dead Channel
I think its gonna rain
Every song is a puzzle!
Very true.
But developing this thought further - there is no way for it to be solved perfectly, because there is no declaration for its perfect state in the whole world.
It's some sort of abstract psychodelic puzzle, like 4-dimentional Rubic's cube or quantum physics task without analytical solution.
Nothing is true and everything is possible, right? But still it is needed to be solved in some way. Actually you can never finish a song or a poem completely, drive it to its very end when nothing can be added, removed or changed. You just stop at some point where the result seems quite satisfactory in your opinion, because if you don't stop you will probably work on it for a long long eternity. Perfection is a cruel thing, huh? So you just accept your new beautiful creation that seems to you finalized fairly enough and you move to another challenge. Therefore puzzle is solved on certain conditions.
Deal with the Universe and god of Inspiration has been completed.

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